The 5 Best Hearing Aids

As far as hearing aids are concerned, there are reputable trusted brands just like that of any other product out there. There are countless brands and companies who readily promote each of their brand as being the best. In the case of actually purchasing a device such as a hearing aid, its more than just a brand selection since these devices would therefore become a huge part of your daily life. In our article we will look at the 5 best hearing aids available on the market right now.

First on our list is a company called ReSound. ReSound was established in Denmark in 1943, and they are currently owned by a group of companies call the GN ReSound Group. This company has been widely credited for their state-of-the-art sound processing system, and offers a wider range of dynamic compression. In addition, their company was the first to put open fit hearing devices onto the hearing aid market.

Second on our list is Oticon. Oticon is a Denmark established company which came about in 1904 by Mr. Hans Demant and his beloved wife Camilla, who at the time had an impairment herself. As the years went, the company was then run by their son William Demant, and it is still currently owned by the holding group of William Demant. Oticon aims to serve people first and has been credited with developing the first digital hearing aid in the world which is known as the Digifocus.

Third on our list is the Phonak brand. The innovative individuals of Phonak make their motto “Life is On” their true priority as they provide those who have lost their hearing with the ability to not only confidently communicate but also interact and live without limitations. This company was established in Zurich in 1947 and are currently owned by a company called Sonova Holding AG. Phonak is currently in the lead when it comes to developing solutions for children in the classroom with state-of-the-art technology such as the Roger Pen and FM technology.

Fourth on our list is the Signia brand which was formally referred to as Siemens. Signia is currently owned by Sivantos Group of company which was established in 1878 by a Mr. Werner von Siemens. And, received recognition for its development of a specially designed telephone which was created for people who suffered from hearing loss. Later on, they further received credit for producing the world’s first hearing device which would fit behind the ear, as well as producing a hearing aid with two microphones, a wireless device and the first hearing aid which was both water proof and digital.

Fifth on our list is the Starkey brand. This brand was established in 1967 in Minnesota by William F. Austin who introduced their motto as being “Hearing is our concern”. The Starkey brand is keen on donating to their foundation which has enabled them to provide hearing aids for those who cannot afford it. And, they have been credited with designing the first device which can fit in the ear canal as well as an invisible digital device.

In conclusion we have just looked at the 5 best hearing aids available on the market. These trusted brands and much more can be found at Atlanta Hearing Doctor. Be sure to check out their website at

Restore Your Hearing With The Hearing Clinic

If you are not hearing as well as you used to, you might want to consider visiting a hearing clinic. A good hearing clinic like The Hearing Room will diagnose any hearing loss that you are experiencing and they can fit you for a hearing aid so you can start to hear clearly again. Read on to learn more about hearing aids and how they can benefit you.

As you get older, your hearing starts to naturally decline. You might start to notice that can’t hear conversations as easily as you used to or that music isn’t as clear as it should be. Sounds might start to get muffled and you might not be able to hear distant sounds anymore. You might also develop tinnitus as you age and this can cause you to hear a buzzing in your ears. You might hear a ringing that won’t go away and there could also be a humming noise in your ears that isn’t coming from an external sound.

Millions of people are dealing with tinnitus and wearing a hearing aid can help stop the ringing in your ears. Tinnitus can be very annoying and it can interfere with your relationships and with your life. The sound can drive you crazy and it is hard when you always hear a ringing noise in your ears. Getting fitted for a hearing aid can improve your symptoms so you can relax and enjoy yourself again.

Another reason why you might want to get fitted with a hearing aid when you start to notice hearing issues is that they can help to prevent cognitive decline. Studies have connected hearing loss with cognitive problems in older adults, so you definitely want to get any hearing problems addressed. You will perform your job better and your relationships might even improve when you get a hearing aid. If you are having problems with your hearing you are less likely to spend time with friends or going to enjoy social situations.

You might be putting off getting a hearing aid because you don’t want everyone to see, but there are plenty of styles that are almost invisible and no one is even going to know what you are wearing one. The Hearing Room has a large selection of hearing aids and they can help you find the right hearing aid that is going to fit your style and your budget.

When you work with The Hearing Room you are going to get to enjoy working with a company that puts your health first. They will work hard to ensure that you are happy with your hearing aid and that it looks good on you. Your hearing isn’t going to get any better so make sure that you get the hearing aid you need to hear better. Hearing aids make your life better and you won’t have to worry about feeling awkward in social situations and not being able to hear clearly at work. A hearing aid can change your life.